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spa experience

Cozy & natural atmosphere awaits you for relaxing and refreshing moment of your life

Just close your eyes and feel the freshnes in the atmosphere around you and be ready to be pampered by our lovely masseuses

treatment prices


60 Mins (Nuru / Tantra) - 1,680 HKDs

90 Mins (Nuru / Tantra)  - 2,280 HKDs


Prostate Therapy

100 Mins - 2,800 HKDs 

Special Prostate Therapy

100 Mins - 4,000 HKDs

Penis Therapy

60 Mins - 3,500 HKDs

Yoni Massage (Women only)

75 Mins - 3000 HKDs


Within KowLoon

75 Mins  - 2,500 HKDs

Hong Kong Island

75 Mins  - 2,800 HKDs


Nuru is a kind of massage treatment that started in Japan. It’s an erotic massage that makes use of full body contact to provoke sexual enthusiasm and to ease the body. This is performed by our high-class, sexy masseuses using an extremely slippery nuru massage gel, covering your body and hers to create a stimulating atmosphere between the both of you.


Take a break from the hustle of the day-to-day and slip into a state of utter bliss and relaxation. This ultimate stress-relieving massage uses medium pressure techniques combined with long strokes of gliding and kneading to melt away pent-up stress, achy muscles and tension. Your therapist will customize your treatment to focus on areas of concern. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


The 4-Hands Massage is a refinement of symmetrical massage given by a large amount nature hot oil. Long strokes over the body which evenly on both sides of the body are used.

A four handed massage is a special experience. The client will be massaged by two people which operate like one being. The masseuses are experienced and have worked together regularly, so the massage will feel like one person is massaging with four hands at the same time. By using four hands for this massage, the client isn’t able to focus on the technique and is encouraged to let go and enjoy the massage. The therapists mirror the movements of each other and treat the same areas on the left and right side of the body simultaniously. For example, your right and left arm are massaged at the same time. Four handed massage is also known as duo massage, referring to the use of two massage therapists at the same time.


Through the application of deep tissue massage and manipulation techniques, this treatment will establish a more harmonious flow of Qi through the stimulation of meridians, allowing the body to naturally heal itself. Methods include the use of hand techniques to massage the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) of the body, acupressure techniques to directly enhance the flow of Qi, and manipulation techniques to realign the muscles and ligament relationships.


Hydromassage is a spa treatment that uses high-pressure water jets as massage tools. The purpose of this form of hydrotherapy is to rid the body of toxins and help improve the respiratory system


Generally speaking, tantra massage serve to bring balance to body, mind and spirit by activating one's own energy sources.The sexual life energy focused in the sacral chakra is brought into strong vibrations and distributed over the entire body.


This sensual massage stimulates the G-Spot of the men's body and gives a sense of relaxation to the entire body. A must try for medical benefits too.


Our treatment will make your penis bigger and stronger! Also can fix premature ejaculation problems, and impotence. Guarantee!

YONI Therapy

Special therapy made for Women.  Yoni treatment will energize your energy points. It has been proved that by taking Yoni treatment in regular bases, you can delay and minimize menopause symptoms, increase your libido, your confidence and ultimately your Sex appeal, making all your intimate experiences very joyful.

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